Monday, April 25, 2011

Wiggie + Cosplay!!

=3= I received my Sen and Chihiro costume last Saturday!! xD

Read more about it here. Find the post yourself xD That's a blog I made to keep track of my cosplay =w=

I had so much fun messing around with the wig xD
At first it was like this:

To this:

xD I wash it, use loads of conditioner, then trim it, then iron it with my hair straightener =3= xD

Messing around xD What do you think I look like with long hair? XDD
And here's my Sen (from Spirited Away) cospay:

TeeHee. Gotto go, dinner time~ Bye!



  1. Dang you already bought a wig! (>A<;;) I wanna buy some wigs too; one for fashion purpose and one for my boy-self xDD I

  2. Anyway, how much did you buy your wig =DD

  3. xD I bought it 2nd from a cospayer, rm30, but if you search around in, there will be all kinds of wigs lol.

    I've ordered a 80cm long wig for only 66RMB (around RM33) xD