Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Meh. Everything's a mess right now. School,my room, time management.....

At school, I'm left behind on all the homeworks since last month..I don't understand what the heck is teacher talking about and I've certainly have no mood to pay even more attention...Those teacher sucks at teaching and their behavior is completely unacceptable! -.-

Home. My room's a total mess...For example...
Mess mess mess..

Books, files, unmade bed...

Table with almost everything you can think of...

Cardboard boxes ont the floor...

My wardrobe stuffed with all types of garments....

And yeah, more here.

Haha. I wonder who will be the poor victim that will share a room with me when I'm at college..lol.
My mum just gave me a bunch of tanktops she found in her wadrobe...I've no idea where to put it..And when my cosplay stuff, I've got a feeling that my room will be the worse..:x

I think I'll clean out my room on Thursday..Problem is, with my damn lazy character and my sinuses problem, I doubt it'll get it done in a day...Sigh...T^T

My time management...broke down.

I have really weak willpower...T^T
I can't seem to find time for my studies, japanese studies, piano practice, exercise, and looking after my dogs...Everyday after school, I sleep...I'm tired :( While I sleep, those time that were supposed to be used for my studies and bla bla bla is gone.

See what I mean when I have weak willpower? I just ignore the important things...Damn it. And I've gained weight again, just when I managed to lose some I gained it back, FML.


That's what my mind would yell everyday, and I'll reply, "But the swimming pool's cold..I'm tired..Tomorrow.'

I hate that word. Sometimes I wish that 'tomorrow' will never come.

Sigh...I'm stressing out !@#$%^&

I'm gonna take Japanese N3 exam this July, and I HAVE TO PASS.
And I've got piano grade 5 theory and practical...Damn.
And after seeing my suckish March test result, I realized I really MUST study...

Without realizing it's now 12.11AM. And I've got school tomorrow. See? I just hate the word tomorrow.

Wearing a hoodie while blogging lol. It's cold @_@
Sigh. I don't even know how to get started on things that I need to do. All I can say is, I can and I will somehow manage to get it done.



  1. Ganbare Joe!
    If you want to do something, you can actually do it! =3

    And wow, your room has a piano! So good! >A<
    My room is too small to fit a piano OTL|||

  2. Lol~ The piano ngam ngam fit in :3
    Arigatou~ I'll do my best ><"