Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Random Random~

Wee~ Today had a Japanese Club meeting~ Rin and I teach basic Japanese like Hiragana, Greetings, and Self-Interoduction. Eventhough the club only have 12 members at the moment, Rin and I had fun teaching them ^^ Although I teached like a noobie and sucks xD

Hopefully, they understand what I'm babbling about :x
Bored right now. Supposed to be doing an essay but I'm feeling lazy xD

I have a lot of new pictures, but my stupid handphone cable won't word :(( I think I'm gonna get a new one~

Haha. Really really bored. Sigh~ Oh yea, next week it's Chinese New Year! Woohoo!! Can't wait for my angpau money! XD Woots~ I'm gonna save half of it and spend half of it xD COSPLAY!! +_+~ Can't wait to order clothes I want X3

Sigh. Blogging's not curing my boredness -.-" Guess I'll just do my homework, be a good girl and go to bed early~ Nights people!!

~Joee Joe~
つまらない >。<