Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun ^^

T^T Additional maths is so CONFUSING T^T Sigh. Well, I din't regret taking science stream, but I wish that I din't have to stay back after school :'( I want to come home earlier T^T

Fine. Anyway, went ice-skating 2 days ago with 8 other friends. :D Hired a van to pick us xD

In the morning xD

Well, I never had so much fun skating before :D It's much better skating with friends than with my family xD
Haha. Right now I'm laughing really hard xD I've just remembered how one of my friend, bang on the wall of the skating rink hahahah xD

He only learned how to skate that day, and he speeds up. Haha. He lost control, and bang on the wall!! Hahahahah xD It's sooo funny!! :P

Lol. So mean of me to laugh xD

I wish I've gotten a picture of him T^T Hahahahhaha!! xD Too bad they din't allow cameras in the rink :(

After skating, went to eat at a Toilet Concept restaurant LOL.

 A real toothbrush lol.

 There's a sink under the table xD

 The decorations xD

Cups they use xD

My mango strawberry ice-blended :D 

 The food xD In a toilet bowl! xD

My noodles xD

There's chocolate ice-cream shaped like poo, but none of us ordered that. EWW.

Anyway, it's a great day :D

By the way, some random picture xD

 Did this when I'm bored xD

Edited <3 Love it ^^

Before edit. haha.


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