Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh My Sunshine :D ......Uh-oh.

Life is miserable...Not :D

Share with you guys something, do you remember I have a blog post called "It's time to let go?"
Well, this is something me, myself can't explain. After I typed that post, I feel.....Different.
I can't understand myself either. I began to see more of the positive side of my life :]

Well, maybe it's because of the encouragement my friends give me? :D
Hmm...The more I think of it, yeah! They're the ones who inspired and changed me!! :D

Well, let me take this opportunity to say big THANK YOU to my sunshines!! :D

You guys may not know what you guys did, but I know ;)

WAIT! Let's see...Someone's left out...Oh Yeah!! Ah Cui!! :D and Sofi!!
How can I forget you? :P

Blek ^^ I purposely use this photo ^^

zzz I'm nerd :(

And yeah, there are A LOT of others too, I don't have your photos :(  
Don't worry, you'll get featured soon :D I'm making a video! ;D 

Hmm...I don't know why I'm so bright :D Maybe it's because tomorrow's the barbeque party? :D Looking forward to it^^ And you guys can look forward to the next post about the BBQ! :) I'll make sure I capture  LOTS  of photo :D

Well, bye guys~ It's late now! :D

And there are also other reason I should off ._.
I need to:

i) Do the BM corrections (650 times @.@ Deadline on Monday =[ )
ii) Copy maths note (I'm wayyyy left behind on notes now due to slacking ._.)
iii) Copy BI grammar (yeah, being absent to school means left behind on homework)
iv) Revise Geografi (Pn.Wan's gonna do re-test on Monday, and worse, 1 question wrong 100 times! @.@)
v) Revise Sejarah (Cik Prema's gonna give us test on Monday, get less than 40/60, do pembentangan! @.@)
vi) Prepare pembentangan for Science class (on Monday we're going to bentang Science to Form1 students :[ )
vii) Practice piano ( Teacher just gave a really HARD piece)

Ok....The list will be ENDLESS.
Best to just get out of here and start catching up NOW.
I don't have much time left, it's 12.20am now, tomorrow I have the party, and Sunday, well, seems like Sunday is the day I have o complete what I wrote just now. @.@


紀ちゃん、おまえは死にcひゃった 。_。”